First Draft Stage 2 Report

First Draft Stage 2 Report

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**New Deadline for Feedback Announced

First Draft Stage 2 Report and September 2016 Forum Presentation

Having received numerous requests to review the complete first draft Stage 2 Report in its entirety, the Vision 2021 Working Group is pleased to share the document with industry. It is vital to keep in mind when viewing the report that it is intended strictly as a working, first draft document for discussion purposes only and, as such, is and will be subject to change as feedback and direction are supplied to the consulting firm TDI. It is in no way intended to reflect the content of the draft Final Report to be presented in November at the TIAPEI Tourism Conference. Readers must be cognisant that the report is a broad, visionary document with the implementation plan and specific details to come in subsequent reports.

*Please note: Additional feedback is still welcome through our comments section or by direct email to TIAPEI at

New deadline for submission is 5:00 PM, October 20, 2016.

First Draft Stage 2 Report

September 29, 2016 Presentation

Stage 1 Executive Summary

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  1. This is a typical comprehensive report that does its best to justify its costs to date, references other jurisdictions and their approaches, cobbles together (carefully) input about past practices with constructive comments (trying not to be self-serving) from special interest groups, critics of federal and provincial government tourism management and other interested parties, and arrives at concepts or ideas for further consideration.

    We can hope that some good will come of it all but while it may live up to its goal of being visionary it sets out a good many impracticable if not impossible challenges that read like good ideas on paper. The bottom line is where does the money come from — and the answer has always been from the government.

    The study has succeeded in summarizing some things that have worked and others that have not and I look forward to reading what can only be recommendations on how PEI might spend or negotiate with others to spend to improve its appeal as a tourism destination.

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