Next Steps for Tourism Strategy

Next Steps for Tourism Strategy

by / Comments Off on Next Steps for Tourism Strategy / 206 View / February 2, 2017

In late November the Tourism Industry Association of PEI presented the final report by consulting company Tourism Development International. The strategy document provided recommendations in five major categories, and now our work begins! Over the next two months tourism operators will review the recommendations and decide on next steps.

TDI identified five Pillars: Leadership, Product Development, Marketing Positioning and Communications, Access and Infrastructure, and Human Resource Priorities. Each of these Pillars included specific recommendations and it is now up to the Island tourism industry to implement the plan.

Vision 2021 Co-chairs Robert Jourdain and Kevin Mouflier would like to acknowledge the time and commitment the Vision 2021 Executive and Working Committees invested into the process, without which the task of developing a five-year strategy would have been impossible. We hope that these individuals will take part in the implementation process along with additional members of industry.

The TDI report has been accepted in general principle by the TIAPEI Board of Directors and work will now commence on addressing the recommendations in the five Pillars, and developing an implementation plan. We will use a three-stage process to deal with the recommendations for Pillars 1 to 5.  We will shortly select a facilitator to lead a session in late February with a refreshed version of the Vision 2021 Executive and Working Committees, in cooperation with Stan MacPherson’s team from MacPherson Roche Smith and Associates who were commissioned to examine the Government’s portion of the Leadership Pillar, to examine all 5 Pillars. Stage 1 will involve a half day where the TDI recommendations will be prioritized and roles and responsibilities identified. The next day, Stage 2 will deal with decision making, accountability, action planning and timelines, once again involving the Vision 2021 Working Committee.

Following the facilitated session will be the project management and communication phase – actual implementation of steps towards bringing the vision to reality. Stage 3 will bring in members from industry to serve on sub-committees who will lead the execution of the action plan. Please contact TIAPEI to volunteer your time and talents . By working together we truly can go from good to great so please bring your time and talents to the tasks ahead.

We will continue to update the tourism industry over the short term and over the next five years via this website, our newsletter, news releases, meetings and presentations, and media interviews. Please be sure to check often for updates and information on how to become involved.

The engagement and participation by tourism stakeholders during the development process of Vision 2021 was unprecedented. Hundreds of individuals joined focus groups, attended public forums and offered feedback that formed the framework of the new strategic plan. As we move into the implementation stage, the continued engagement of all industry is crucial. Innovation, creativity and the willingness to work together towards common goals will help us achieve our goals.