RFP Deliverables

Below is the request for proposals that went out for public bid.

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In collaboration with its industry, provincial and federal partners — TIAPEI will contract with a qualified and experienced tourism consultant with demonstrated expertise in strategic planning and a strong understanding of tourism to lead in the development of a new and fully integrated strategic plan for tourism. This plan must start immediately upon award of contract, will build on past successes and will create a new, shared vision for tourism competitiveness in Prince Edward Island.

Vision 2021 will be built on a comprehensive research, strategic option analysis and a consultative framework. It will identify the actual and perceptual barriers facing PEI’s tourism industry, and it will recommend innovative strategies and actions that will focus stakeholder attentions on the key issues, challenges and opportunities.

The fully integrated strategic plan for tourism will examine and address issues that will include, but not be limited to:

  • Leadership, vision and defined growth through partnerships and collaboration – including working with federal and provincial governments, First Nations, provincial and regional tourism industry associations and communities to research, develop and implement tourism programs throughout the province; provide stable and predictable funding for marketing, product development and business establishment, modernization and expansion; etc., that highlight key directions including demand generators, target markets and overarching goals.
  • Access and the removal of barriers to growth and development – such as accessible and affordable air, sea and land transportation; creating favourable tax and regulatory environments; access to capital, investment and financing; labour force development; tourism technologies; leading evaluative and investigative research agendas; industry engagement.
  • Identify and confirm authentic visitor experiences that support demand generators – including, but not limited to: immersive and experiential product development; beaches and golf; culinary tourism; attractions and activities; market readiness planning tools and support for programs; information and communications technologies; visitor services, facilities and amenities; training and productivity planning tools and support programs, with the goal of exciting and promoting entrepreneur engagement.
  • Focused marketing by industry – Support the diverse, leading and integrated marketing campaigns of the Provincial brand; assist industry stakeholders to leverage and integrate the Province’s considerable brand equity into their marketing efforts; focus on PEI’s high potential markets with the strategic use of imagery, messaging and marketing communications, etc.


  • Immediately upon award of contract, the consultant will meet with the Management and Working Committees responsible for oversight on the development of Vision 2021 to further discuss the assignment, review the consultant’s proposal and work plan, and to discuss the expected outcomes of the assignment. During this meeting, the consultant can request copies of or access to any materials at the Committees’ disposal that may aid in the development of the strategic plan. At this time, a schedule for regular progress reports and project updates will be discussed and confirmed by the consultant to ensure the timely development and delivery of the strategic plan.
  • The consultation process shall include a tiered approach with in-depth individual consultations, group discussion and open/general forums and/or surveys. The scope of the consultation process will be determined in conjunction with the Working Committee and is expected to include approximately 50 – 75 individuals/groups and not less than 3 open forums. The engagement process will seek to include the broader industry stakeholders as well as non-traditional organizations.
  • The consultant will develop and follow an engagement plan strategy that will directly engage the Working Committee in all aspects of the assignment. This engagement plan will also identify key decisions, reports, updates, authorities and approvals required from the Management and Working Committees to successfully conclude the assignment.
  • Following the meeting with the Management and Working Committee and the acceptance of the engagement plan, the consultant will begin the comprehensive research, strategic option analysis and consultative framework required to complete the assignment. Upon completion of this work, the consultants will recommend innovative strategies and actions that will focus stakeholder attentions on key issues, challenges and opportunities.
  • The consultant will prepare draft and final reports for the Management and Working Committees approval in an acceptable format acceptable. On acceptance of the final report, the consultant will prepare for and host a strategy information session. At this session, the consultant will present the key finding of research, strategic option analysis and consultative framework, and the recommended strategies and actions to be taken to advance the sustainability and competitiveness of PEI’s tourism industry.
  • Included in the final report shall be an Implementation Progress Chart, detailing key areas, responsibilities, timelines and accountability.