What is My Role


Vision 2021 will provide all tourism stakeholders with the roadmap it needs to pursue a common strategic direction to successfully lead the Prince Edward Island tourism industry forward.

We know if we don’t act on our vision for the future of tourism, the plan is just a document sitting on a shelf collecting dust. We also know the most common reason a plan fails is lack of ownership. If we don’t take responsibility in the plan, then we can’t expect to achieve success.

Accountability is what drives change. This means that all aspects of the plan must have an owner. All tourism stakeholders have a role to play in the future of our industry, and we encourage everyone to take ownership of the part they play in the implementation of the plan.

Tourism Industry Association of PEI

TIAPEI is coordinating the development of Vision 2021 on behalf of the entire tourism industry. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a member or not.

In collaboration with our working committee made up of industry and government partners, TIAPEI is managing the planning and implementation process. TIAPEI’s role is to ensure the key components are in place to guarantee success including people, resources, structure, systems and culture. To do our job we need input and ownership from all stakeholders.

TIAPEI promises to provide timely communications, connect the stakeholders and measure our results with an annual scorecard. At the end of the day, success will be a plan that represents the collective vision of all public and private stakeholders and at the end of 2021, a thriving and growing tourism industry.

Vision 2021 will direct and support professional development, engagement and  advocacy efforts of TIAPEI on behalf of the industry.

Regional Tourism Associations and Tourism Sector Groups

Our regional tourism associations (RTA), destination marketing organizations (DMO), and tourism sector groups play an important role in the development and execution of Vision 2021. We need to leverage the relationships you have with your partners and members to ensure that Vision 2021 is as inclusive as possible and reflects the tourism industry from tip to tip. Your organizations will be the champions of the strategy. We need you to help keep your membership informed and engaged.

Your future product development, marketing, professional development and research investments will be essential to the implementation of Vision 2021.
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Explore Summerside
Island East Tourism Group
Tourism Cavendish Beach Inc.
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Central Coastal Tourism Partnership
North Cape Coastal Tourism Area Partnership
Evangeline Tourism Association
Meetings and Conventions PEI
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Individuals/Tourism Operators

Small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) are the engine of the Island’s tourism industry. Without you, the operator, tourism would not be the economic driver it is today.

We ask you to keep informed and be open minded, while being a constructive participant. Share your thoughts and opinions and your hopes for tomorrow. Be an advocate amongst your peers and enhance industry engagement. Keep the strategy top-of-mind once it’s finalized and strive to find ways, individually and collaboratively, to support it.

Vision 2021 is yours – Own It!

Municipalities, Towns and Communities

Municipalities, towns, and communities across PEI are critical to the success of Vision 2021. You are our partners in tourism by providing the necessary infrastructure including roads, boardwalks, developed waterfronts, etc. that make tourism thrive. You steer the development of festival & events and help generate visitation and economic benefit to your region.

Play your part by supporting infrastructure needs, product development and marketing to help us reach our goals.

Department of Economic Development and Tourism

The Department’s mandate is to promote continued growth in the tourism sector by aggressively marketing PEI as a premier destination, supporting product and professional development, facilitating community development through tourism, and managing provincially-owned tourism infrastructure. Vision 2021 should be the compass that will guide investments in tourism by the Province of PEI.

Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning

The Department strives to create greater prosperity and enhanced employment opportunities for Islanders. It recognizes a strong labour force will enable additional growth of the tourism industry. We need to work with your department to develop a skilled workforce, foster a culture of entrepreneurship, and recruit and retain a talented and productive population – all essential to the success of Vision 2021.

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

ACOA ’s vision is that tourism will be a vibrant, growing sector contributing significantly and reliably to the economic wellbeing of Atlantic Canada. Collaborating with entrepreneurs, businesses, not-for-profit entities, the provincial governments in the region, municipalities, and other federal departments, ACOA works to create opportunities for economic growth by helping businesses become more competitive, innovative and productive and by working with communities to develop and diversify local economies. Vision 2021, along with ACOA’s Growth Strategy for Tourism, should provide the roadmap for creating a healthy, vibrant tourism industry for PEI.