Why Now?

Why is Our industry doing this process now?

All of us as Tourism Operators and associated Industry groups, are entering the busiest time of what we all hope will be a successful year.  And, yes, everyone is “Busy”.

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The most recent strategy, which was somewhat consultative, ended with 2015 and the formal planning for “Vision 2021” began last fall with a lot of groundwork to accomplish

It was determined that it is appropriate to recognize tourism as a broader based industry group than ever before because of all the facets of our Island life and Island culture and Island economy that are directly bound up with the Tourism Experience.

More than solely rooms, Tourism is also crafts and culture; music and theatre; agriculture and fishing; parks and history; festivals and golf, restaurants and cafes; education and lending; breweries, wineries and distillers; experiences and events; transportation, our countryside and, most of all, our people.

“Vision 2021” will expand on our past and build a fully integrated plan based on comprehensive research, a strategic option analysis, and great involvement.

With significant input from industry the need was determined.  Funding applications were completed (while Industry-led, this is strongly supported by ACOA and Tourism PEI) and then the RFP was crafted.  That was sent out to 23 firms in March with the contract awarded to Tourism Development International (TDI) from Dublin, Ireland on April 4 th .

Three principals were on site in PEI within 3 weeks and even participated in the TIAPEI Semi-Annual meeting.  They are due back for their third week-long visit June 19 th to meet more, see more, hear more and host three public forums .

Because time is valuable to all of us, (businesses are either ramping up for high season or already open for business) there are many ways to be involved in this process and in your industry’s new vision.

You may choose many ways below, all of them or just one or two. All your future success requires is to be involved .

  • Be a champion.
  • Contact Peter MacNulty, TDI Tourism Planner at [email protected]
  • Follow us on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and share our message!
  • Check out our website…
  • Spread the word – share the knowledge! Email a friend, business partner or a contact .
  • Stay informed.
  • Comment when you can!
  • Watch for more opportunities to participate!
  • Make sure you have your say in your Industry’s future plans!

Come to the Public Forums – commit to one and be engaged for 2 hours in the success of the next 5 years! Have your say!

  • Tuesday 21 June at the Loyalist Country Inn in Summerside, 6:00 – 8:00PM
  • Wednesday 22 June at the King’s Playhouse in Georgetown, 6:00 – 8:00PM
  • Thursday 23 June at the Cavendish Beach Event Centre, VIP SunRoof Site, 4:30 – 6:30PM. Tourism Business Mixer to follow

The more you are involved in this Strategy, the more successful we all can be in achieving our goals and objectives.

The simple answer is…could a, would a, should a…done this earlier however it’s all about timing…and we all know how fast time can fly.

You may recall, over the past decade, the tourism industry has been involved in the development of two strategies. The most recent was Strategy 2015. In that last strategy we focused on 5 demand generators, Coastal, Cultural, Culinary, Meetings and Conventions, and Golf.